Thule Glide 2.0 Performance Jogging Stroller Review 2019

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Thule Glide 2.0 Performance Jogging Stroller Review If you are looking to invest in a baby carrier that will serve you on a daily basis, consider buying the Thule Glide 2.0 Performance Jogging Stroller model that is tried and tested to perform exceptionally on various terrains. It’s a sporty unit that will hold up when running or busy running errands. The front wheel is fixed to give you more control of direction when pushing it. The back wheels are fitted with springs that will absorb shocks making the ride very comfortable for the child.

It’s lightweight and is able to accommodate bigger kids up to five years making it the ideal buggy to carry your kid till they no longer need one. At its price point, is quite pricey but packs a lot of high-quality workmanship not found in the market. This is the best buy for active parents who will want to take out their child as they exercise.

Detail Review

Thule Glide 2.0 Performance Jogging Stroller

  • Fixed front wheel for easy maneuverability
  • Ergonomic handlebar with a range of heights for parent’s comfort
  • Rear suspension for a level and comfortable ride
  • Padded seat a comfortable ride
  • One handed compact fold for storing and transporting
  • Large storage
  • Multi-position canopy for added protection
Editor Favorits
  • It’s lightweight and sturdy
  • The suspension is great for child comfort
  • Foldable with just one hand for easy transportation and storage
  • Adjustable, ergonomic handlebar which works for different heights
  • Big canopy for protection from sun and rain
  • Padded seat and harness for comfort
  • A lot of force is required to engage and disengage the brake
  • The seat is not being enough for kids above four years

#1 Comfortable Seat

The pram features a very comfortable seat that can be adjusted for comfort. When carrying infants, the seat can lie horizontally so the kid can sleep. Its only drawback is it doesn’t have a headrest which is a small issue as you can place padding for extra support.The seat is padded and adjustable to accommodate bigger kids without strain. The seat material is washable and can be removed for easy cleaning.The big canopy found in this stroller is great for covering the child up to protect from elements and create a great shade when it’s sunny or windy. It has a mesh material giving you a view of the baby inside.

#2 Great Suspension

The carrier has three wheels, one fixed at the front and the back two wheels can swivel. This feature gives it great maneuverability, especially on rugged terrain. The front when has a track adjustment feature that helps the wheel stay on course.The back wheels come with suspensions which act as shock absorbers on the uneven ground ensuring the kid is not bounced back and forth hence a smoother ride.Another great feature in this Thule jogger is a great braking system that brings the carriage to a stop from high speeds. The hand-activated front brake increases braking control on steep terrain.

Thule Glide 2.0 Performance Jogging Stroller

#3 Safety

With a 5 point child safety harness, you can rest assured that your child is safe in the buggy. The harness straps across the shoulders and the midsection tightly but comfortably holding the child in. The harness is adjustable also well-padded for added comfort.

#4 Adjustable Handles

The handles can be adjusted to fit different heights of the parents. They retract back for short people or pulled out for taller runners. The multi-position ergonomic handlebar with a range of heights allows for comfort making it the ideal buggy for parents of different heights.One handed compact hold makes it easy to fold and transport it as it folds into a compact size for easy storage.

#5 Storage

At the back of the pram is enough storage to store all the essentials you need when on the move. The inside the seat are two pouches where you can store small toys to keep the baby entertained when out jogging stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

#1 Is this model car seat adaptable?

Yes. This unit works well with the Thule car seat adapter.

#2 What is the maximum weight capacity?

The buggy can hold weight up to 75 pounds.

#3 Is the jogger infant friendly?

This jogger is suitable for babies 6 months and above who can hold their head on their own head up.

Wrap​ Up

Urban Thule is a manufacturer of quality products with this particular jogger scoring very high in terms of safety and durability. This stroller is worth investing in because it will give you quality service for a long time Use it when running or running errands as it will give your baby the much need comfortable ride while you go about your business.

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