Serta Perfect Sleeper Standard/Queen Bed Pillow Review The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a great eco-friendly pillow option due to their environmentally responsible packaging and construction out of quality, recycled materials.

What’s included

The Serta Perfect Sleeper comes packaged in biodegradable material so you can feel good about not contributing to the landfill overfill problem.

Why Choose Serta Perfect Sleeper?

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What to like about the Serta Perfect Sleeper:
  • Soft damask cover made out of 100% cotton
  • High-quality 300 thread count
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stain Release technology

What to consider:
  • Some customers have bizarrely received non-Serta pillows. This isn’t a problem with the Serta pillows in question, but rather a shipping error. If you’ve received the wrong pillow, contact customer service for a resolution.

Hypoallergenic EcoFill

Serta’s EcoFill pillow filler is made from recycled water bottles. Water bottles are one of the biggest plastic waste problems in America, so turning them into something new and useful is a very environmentally friendly idea. Because the water bottles have been processed from tough, crunch plastic and turned into soft pillow filler, they’re 100% clean and safe to lay on.
Even better, they’re comfortable and hypoallergenic; since they’re made out of a synthetic material, they’ll be less likely to attract dust and mold spores as well as other common household allergens.

300 thread count

300 thread count simply means that these pillows have 150 warps and 150 wefts in their weave. The higher the thread count, the better and softer fabric feels. (Though ridiculously high thread count numbers tend to be a rip-off and marketing gimmick.) At 300, these pillows are right in the ideal thread count range.

Stain Release

Stain Release is a Serta technology that prevents stains by hampering their ability to penetrate into the fibers of the fabric. Should wine be spilled, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow can be treated quickly without fear of the stain setting in in the meantime.

Biodegradable packaging

Going along with the environmentally friendly fill, Serta has chosen to make the Perfect Sleeper packaging also friendly to the environment. The result is a package that can break down in as few as three months.

First impression of the Serta Perfect Sleeper

I knew that the package the pillows came in was made of biodegradable material, but I honestly couldn’t tell; it felt like normal packaging to me. The reason that I mention this is that I think it’s important to note, the reason being that many people hear eco-friendly terms and assume that it’s going to be uncomfortable, weird or smell bad.

Worry not, because there is nothing outwardly out of the ordinary about the Serta biodegradable packaging. The real magic happens after it’s made its way to the dump where it degrades in as few as three months. As long as it’s in your home, it will be indistinguishable from an ordinary packaging.

And again, I only mention this because people tend to have a phobia about recycled products. And, of course, that obviously extends to the fill itself—Serta’s EcoFill.

Honestly, I can’t tell the difference between EcoFill and “normal” hypoallergenic pillow filler. The EcoFill is soft but firm enough to offer support. It’s also easy to maneuver in bed when I need to change sleeping positions, which I frequently do. (I sleep in every position, which is why I’m somewhat of a pillow aficionado—I go through a lot of them!)

The fabric on the pillow is nice and soft. Obviously, I used these pillows with pillow cases just because—well, who doesn’t? But it’s nice to know that the 300-thread count is believable, because it means that these pillows should hold up well.

I didn’t plan on testing out the Stain Release technology aspect, but that plan went out the window when my two-year-old spilled juice on my pillow. I treated both the pillow and the pillow case right away.

Long story short, the pillow case came out stained—the pillow didn’t. So, was it Stain Release? Or did the pillow case just product the pillow? It’s hard to say, but I was still impressed by the fact that it didn’t stain.

Like many people, I have allergies, which is why I chose to try a hypoallergenic pillow in the first place. I have to be very picky about pillows—even those labeled hypoallergenic—for this reason. I’m happy to report that the Serta Perfect Sleeper didn’t trigger my allergies.

The Bottom Lines

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a soft, comfortable pillow option. It fits great on both standard and queen size beds. The damask cover is smooth and soft and the Eco-Fill holds its shape. I’d recommend it to all of my friends!

Derrick Irvyn

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