Remedy Microbead Pillow Review Microbead pillows have gained popularity over the last few years. Starting out as the simple neck pillows used for flights, people quickly realized that the design made for one of the most comfortable and adaptable options on the market. Most high-end pillows are designed to improve posture, holding your neck in a specific position.

However, what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. If you can’t seem to get comfortable at night, and find that firm pillows cause you pain or discomfort, microbeads might be the solution.

If you have suffered from a severe injury to your neck and back, or are experiencing high levels of discomfort, we wouldn’t recommend starting with a firm pillow right away.

If your condition is serious, you should definitely consult with your doctor before making any changes. In many situations, the best option is a pillow that will adapt to your specific needs.

Why Choose Remedy Microbead Pillow?

Remedy Microbead Pillow

  • Ultra-Soft cover made from 13% Spandex
  • Incredibly light
  • Forms to fit any shape
  • Applies very little pressure
  • Supports neck

A Design That’s Been in Use for Over 300 Years

Our modern economy is fast paced. Fads come and go. Hot new technologies blow us away, only to be replaced by something better a few years later. In this day and age, anything that can stand the test of time is something special.

Although microbeads themselves are a relatively new invention, these pillows are just a modern twist on a classic design. Buckwheat pillows have been in use for over 300 years. Farmers removed the feathers from their pillows, and replaced it with buckwheat.

For a long time, it was believed with buckwheat had healing properties. Modern versions could be heated up in the microwave, and used to sooth a sore neck. But they had a very herbal smell to them, so these weren’t used very often. It turns out, it wasn’t the buckwheat itself that had healing properties. It was ergonomics of the shells.

Farmers often has muscle, back, and neck problems. And the malleable nature of buckwheat pillows enabled them to heal quickly. Today, microbeads are used because they are synthetic and odorless. It’s been many years in the making, but the buckwheat pillow is finally accessible to everyone.

Plenty of Airflow

If you live in an area that gets warm and humid, you’ll love the airflow of the Remedy Microbead Pillow. There is lots of space between the beads themselves, which allows warm air to rise and cool air to take its place.

With most pillows, the firm outer case restricts this. But Remedy’s option is made from a very light fabric that is 13% spandex. In this specific pillow, the airflow is as good as it gets.

Ergonomic Upgrades

By default, microbead pillows are amorphous. They do not try to hold any specific shape. You apply pressure, and they get out of the way. In many ways, this is the main draw to the pillow. But there is a limit to how much flexibility you need.

Even with a severe neck injury, or completely unique sleeping position, we all have the same basic anatomy. What remedy did was add a little internal stitching that guides the beads. It keeps some of them grouped together near your neck.

This is often the area that needs additional support, which puts this pillow in a class of its own. You still get all the flexibility of a microbead pillow, but with a level of support that you won’t find in any other model.

A Suitable Supplement

I’ve tried a lot of pillows in my day. Once in a while, I come across a pillow that has many advantages, but one frustrating quirk. For example, one of my memory foam pillows doesn’t support my neck as much as I’d like.

Most of the time, you have to choose one pillow or the other. You’re not going to start stacking them on top of each other, or cutting them into pieces. But the Remedy Microbead pillow is different.

It’s not very large, and it’s very easy adjust. Whether you want something small to put under your neck, or perhaps a little shoulder support, this inexpensive microbead pillow can compensate for the flaws in something you already own.


If you’re interested in this pillow, there is a pretty good chance that you’re not happy with firmer options. For most of you, this would be a good choice. You certainly won’t find a pillow that is softer, or more adaptable than this one. But it won’t work for everyone.

Heavyset people may find that it doesn’t provide nearly enough support. Additionally, it is quite small. As a 6’2” man, I probably wouldn’t want this as my only pillow. Everyone situation is different, but this pillow is definitely ideal for the smaller and lighter readers.

The Bottom Lines

All of us have different needs. For many people, their sleep problems are postural. In these cases, a pillow that helps you retrain your body to sleep in a specific way is helpful. But there can never be a one -size fits all approach.

If your needs are unique, then a pillow that tries to force you into one position or another may not be the solution. Instead, The Remedy Microbead Pillow is designed to adapt to you.

For others, this compact pillow can be used to compensate for any flaw with your current pillow. It works best as a neck support, but is flexible enough to use as you see fit.

The only exception is large, broad-shouldered, or tall people. At 6’2,” I find this a little small for my needs. My solution was to use an adjustable memory foam pillow. It does require a little manual adjustment, but it provides many of the same benefits of this microbead option.

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