Fisher-Price Auto Rock’n Play Sleeper Review 2019

Looking for the Fisher-Price Auto Rock’n Play Sleeper? We thoroughly researched and built a list of the best options available.When planning for a baby, it’s easy to put all of the focus on them. Their diet, their development, their schedule, their first everything–but what about you?

With a new baby taking up all of your time and energy, you’ll need to find a way to have some time for yourself. You have to care about yourself as much as your baby, or you won’t be able to take care of either for very long.

Feature Highlights

  • 12 different songs to soothe your baby to sleep
  • 3 different sound effects to keep your baby interested
  • 2 rocking speeds
  • Deep seat and comfy mesh sides
  • Comes with a linkable clacker toy for your baby to play with
  • Lead-free, machine washable, and dryer safe
  • Easily collapsible and portable
  • AC adaptor allows for endless use
  • 100% satisfaction warranty
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Fisher-Price Auto Rock’n Play Sleeper Review

#1 Hands-Free Rocking Motion

An easy to use control panel will allow you to turn the seat on with the touch of a button. It will gently rock back and forth to lull your baby to sleep and give them a sense of a bedtime routine. Two-speed settings allow you to choose one that your baby prefers to keep them comfy and cute. You can also set it to continue for a three-hour nap or a six hour overnight sleep.

#2 Music and Sounds

Babies need music to both help them fall asleep and to stimulate their sensory skills when they’re awake. With twelve different gentle, playful songs, your baby will be able to learn and develop without getting bored. You can also choose from three different nature sound effects to keep them interested even longer. Since it’s charged by a plug instead of batteries you won’t have to worry about it running out of juice when you leave the baby alone for a little bit.

#3 Ease of Use

This seat’s three functions are very simply laid out on the control panel to avoid confusion. Also, when not in use, the stand folds easily in on itself. If you need more space when the baby isn’t reclining, you can just slot it away without much trouble. It can also easily fit in a car so you can take it with you anywhere. Your baby will be able to nap and play no matter where you are. When it needs to be cleaned, you can simply remove it and toss it into the washing machine.

#4 Reliable Quality

Of course, when investing for your baby you want to make sure to get products that will last for as long as you need them. The sturdy frame will support your baby and resist cracking. The cotton pad can be thrown into the washing machine and dryer over and over without causing any wear to the fabric. The control panel comes in a protective case and the AC adaptor and cord that plugs into it will stay safe and withstand use.

Editor Favorites
  • Music and motion will keep your baby entertained on their own
  • Allows you to take a break from constant childcare and get some time to relax
  • Gentle comfort will help your baby fall asleep
  • Stimulates, develops, and strengthens your baby’s sensory skills
  • Portable and lightweight for easy travel
  • Requires no batteries

  • A product for newborns; not large enough for older babies or toddlers
  • Takes some time to put together and set up
  • Doesn’t allow much space for babies to stretch out legs, which could cause cramping problems
  • The sound of the rocking can be noisy and bothersome

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q: Is there an age or weight recommendation for this bouncer?
A: Yes. Newborns shouldn’t be put in yet and babies over a year or so will start getting to be too big. It can take up to twenty-five pounds before becoming unsafe.

Q: How long does the music last?
A: Each song lasts about fifteen minutes and each sound effect track continues for an hour.

Q: Is it rea​lly safe to leave my baby in it overnight?
A: Yes. The pad is soft, breathable cotton that will keep them comfortable and protected without letting them roll out or injure themselves.

Wrap​ Up

Being able to take a break from constantly focusing on your baby can be a blessing for your stress and energy levels. If you’re looking for something simple that will keep your baby entertained and happy while you entertain yourself, this is the best fisher-price auto rock’n play sleeper for you.

Music and auto rocking settings will stimulate your baby’s development, easy portability will let you take it wherever you need, and good quality will keep it working for a long time. Overall, it’s a very good investment to think about when planning what you’ll need for your upcoming parenthood, or to make your current on easier.

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