Classic Brands Caress Plush Latex Pillow Review As the premium pillow market has grown, Latex pillows are the latest style to see an increase in popularity. Like a memory foam pillow, latex offers incredible support. This type of pillow is ideal for those of you who sleep on your back.

If you already have proper posture, this pillow will feel natural from day one. But if you’ve been suffering from back and neck issues, a latex pillow could drastically improve your comfort.
Take it from me, I suffered from severe neck pain due to my office job and poor postural habits. I must admit, the first day with a proper pill felt a little off. I felt slightly sore at first. A few days later, by back felt better than it ever had. Let’s go in-depth, and find out why this particular pillow might be a good option for you.

Why Choose Classic Brands Caress Plush Latex Pillow?

Classic Brands Caress Plush Latex Pillow

  • Made from Natural Latex
  • Comes with cotton cover
  • Moderate thickness
  • Allows airflow

Ideal for Spinal Alignment

The human body was never intended to sit for long periods of time. When we sit, we tend to slouch our shoulders. This position tilts the spine forward, stretching the muscles that support it.

Over time, your muscles will adapt to this position. They become quite tight on the chest, and loose on the back. You’ll find that, naturally, your muscles want to pull your spine forward. But your spine would like to be straight.

In theory, if you could retrain yourself to sit with perfect posture all day, the problem would sort itself out. But that would be quite a lot of work. Instead, you can correct the problem while you sleep.

At you lay down, the muscles in your neck relax. Because this pillow is made from a solid material, it’s compressible to a specific point. At 4.5 inches thick, it will be holding your spine straight, allowing your muscles to adapt overnight.

100 Percent Latex

Latex is an incredibly unique material. It is very easy to purify, and can be used with no additives. However, latex is a natural product. It has to be extracted from a rubber tree, and can be quite expensive.

If you want the benefits of this material, you have to purchase a 100% latex pillow. If you were to cut this one in half, you’d see that it’s a solid material. Other models are simply a latex exterior on a foam core, which isn’t as supportive.

Linear Support

A latex pill is a solid mass of material. You can squish it, bend it, or crust it, and it will return to its exact shape. The important thing about Latex is that the pressure is linear. It pushes equally on all parts of your head. You won’t get a lump of material under your ear, or wake up to find that all of the stuffing has been pushed to the sides.

What most users find is that this helps them have a deeper, more refreshing sleep. You’re not spending any time half-awake, tossing and turning because you’re uncomfortable. In fact, the pillow tends to hold you in place.

Small movements you may make in your sleep aren’t going to make you roll over, which is ideal for anyone who is transitioning from side-sleeping to back-sleeping.

Sized for Adaptability

When you get into the high-end pillows, you’ll find that they’re designed for a specific sleeping style. When sleeping on your side, your posture is a little different than sleeping on your back. Since these positions necessitate different designs, it’s rare to find a pillow that improves posture and works in multiple sleeping positions.

Fortunately, the denser nature of latex makes this possible. The pillow is 4.5 inches thick. This is a little thicker than most pillows designed for back sleepers, but a little thinner than pillows for side sleepers.

The perfect middle ground. Even though you really should sleep on your back to get the most benefit from this pillow, you’ll still be comfortable on your side. This compromise makes it easier for you to transition, and get used to your new sleeping style.


One of the biggest downsides to latex pillows is the fact that they do not breathe very well. As a solid block of material, it’s generally just your skin against something rubbery. Fortunately, Classic Brands has come up with a solution.

By cutting grooves into the latex and wrapping it in a cotton cover, air can keep your face cool at night. While it’s definitely better than standard memory foam or latex pillows, it’s still not the best on the market for cooling.

In moderate or warm climates, you’ll have no problem. But if you’re heading to Southeast Asia during the rainy season, we’d recommend that you choose another pillow for your trip.


One of the downsides to a solid-core pillow is that you lose a little flexibility. Since this pillow is designed to change the way your spine rests, it’s essential that you make sure it’s sized appropriately.

We picked this particular model because it’s suitable for virtually any adult who sleeps on their back. However, it is not suitable for children. If you have very broad shoulders and prefer to sleep on your side, you find it too thin.

The Bottom Lines

If you’ve read my bio, then you know why I started this website. Pillows aren’t just a luxury designed purely for your comfort. High end pillows are a health product. I know firsthand that when you are sleeping in the wrong position, waking up feeling tired, and toughing out a sore neck, it’s easy to ignore it.
Once I found out how much of a difference correct posture makes, I couldn’t believe that I had waited this long to deal with the problem.

The Classic Brands Careless Plush Latex Pillow isn’t the cheapest option you can buy, but this is exactly what I look for in a pillow. This pillow is designed with one specific purpose in mind, and it’s one of the posture alignment options you can find. Trust me, you don’t realize how profound the effects can be.

You’ll wake up feeling rested. You’ll have more energy. But the best part of all? You spent almost nothing. Compared to massage therapy, chiropractic care, or a new mattress, this is a small price to pay.

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